RunSignUp 201: Volunteer System 

Date: Wednesday, May 3rd 

Time: 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)

Volunteers are the key to any successful event. The RunSignUp Volunteer Management System allows you to organize and communicate with your volunteers, all within the same dashboard you're already using. Curtis Vollmar will take you through the system, focusing on: 

  • Setting up your Volunteer System 
  • Communicating with your volunteers 
  • Tracking volunteers with reporting

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This webinar is a part of our new series of Endurance Event Education Webinars. If you cannot attend, we'll send out a few highlights and keep you informed of upcoming opportunities to increase your knowledge! 

"The ease of having a store, the registration, a donation site and volunteer signup managed together and with ease has been amazing."

Eric P, Gillie Girl Sprint Tri