RunSignUp 301: TriSignUp Triathlon Tools 

Date: Wednesday, January 18th 

Time: 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)

RunSignUp is for more than just running! We've offered tools and services for triathlons for years, but with the release of the TriSignUp branding, it's easier than ever for you to keep your message to your athletes clear. 

Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins will run through a series of features, including: 

  • USAT Integration Set-up 
  • USAT Membership Summary 
  • USAT Waiver Reports 
  • Re-sending waivers option 
  • Relay Team Set-Up/Discussion

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This webinar is a part of our new series of Endurance Event Education Webinars. If you cannot attend, we'll send out a few highlights and keep you informed of upcoming opportunities to increase your knowledge! 

"The ease of having a store, the registration, a donation site and volunteer signup managed together and with ease has been amazing."

Eric P, Gillie Girl Sprint Tri