Symposium Collateral

Want to review a subject, or catch a session you missed? All sessions can be found below. Two quick notes:

- A few of the videos started recording about a minute late. We'll add intros later, but in the meantime, you aren't missing real content. Unfortunately, the Town Hall did not record.

- Some sessions were demo or discussion-based and do not include powerpoints.

For those of you who were interested in the 6-Feet Apart graphic designed by Andrew Sigwart, you can download a transparent PNG in 3 colors - tan and grey, black and white, and red and yellow.

General Sessions

The State of RunSignup and the State of the Industry

It's been a crazy few months. Bob shares what we've seen so far, both as a company and in the endurance industry - and then talks about what seems to be working, where we seem to be heading, and how race organizations are adapting.


Quick Hits: Under-Utilized and Oft-Missed Features and Tools

This Symposium tradition has survived the transition to virtual: RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins runs through a rapid-fire list of the settings, features, and tools on RunSignup that save customers time, help them raise more money, and grow events. 

Virtual Races and Challenge Events: Real World Case Studies

Virtual is real. Whether it's a standalone race transitioned from an in-person event, an option alongside an in-person event, or a longer Virtual Challenge, virtual events are taking off - when they're done right. We'll look at real world examples of successful virtual events, and why they're doing so well.

Modified In-Person Events: Adapting Real Races for COVID-19

It's not ALL virtual out there: in-person events are happening across the country, with more scheduled throughout the summer. In most cases, these involve modifications to meet local health guidance and keep participants safe. We take a look at some of the modifications that are getting races back on their feet.

RunSignup Sessions

RaceJoy for Interactive Virtual Races

How do you make a virtual race day more like an in-person one? See how RaceJoy, offered by Certified Timers, can create interactive experiences whether the runner is on an "official" course - or is running wherever they are. Add fun audio alerts, encourage spectators to send cheers, and monitor the race from your home.

Race Websites: Branding, Domains Custom Content, and Cover Pages

With everything online, your website is more important than ever. Use your website to drive home your unique branding, create custom content to improve communications and help your participants navigate the system, and build a cover page with dynamic elements that show off the progress of your race in real time.

Low (or no) Cost Marketing: Facebook Groups, Email Drip Campaigns, and Referral Rewards

Every event - virtual, hybrid, or in-person - needs marketing. Take a look at the most effective marketing techniques for increasing your participants by engaging and rewarding the participants who have already signed on.

Enhanced Virtual Results: Race Setup and Participant View

When there's no timing mat, how does your race produce results? Take a look at the results submission options, including an automated Text Bot and various links on the website and profile - both from the race director's view for setup, and from the view of the participant trying to "complete" your race.

Virtual Challenges Deep-Dive: Setup & Unique Challenge Options

Earlier on Wednesday, we introduced virtual challenges and the key features for creating an engaging virtual challenge. In this session, deep dive into the setup specifications for various unique challenges - including multi-sport and team-based challenges.

Turkey Trots (and other Hybrid Events for Fall)

Turkey Trots are coming! With events of all sizes looking to their Turkey Trots and other fall races with some uncertainty, we look at some options for Hybrid events that allow you to be more flexible and dynamic depending on the current restrictions in your area - and the level of comfort of your participants.

RaceDay Rewards: Printable Bibs, Finisher Certificates, and RaceDay Photos 2.0

Make RaceDay an accomplishment, even without the finish line announcer or local band. Start with a printable bib to make the run "official", follow up with a congratulatory (and immediate) Finisher Certificate, and get people sharing their photos to share their fun.

GiveSignup Sessions

GiveSignup for Nonprofits: An Overview

Get an introduction to GiveSignup, including the key question: what's the difference between GiveSignup and RunSignup. Learn about the services that GiveSignup offers to nonprofits above and beyond RunSignup technology, including Ticket Events, Donation Websites, and Campaigns.

Elevate your Donations and Raise More with the Facebook Fundraiser Integration

How do you boost your online fundraising? Elevate your donations with GiveSignup's customizable donation forms and websites, and free fundraising campaigns. Organizations can raise more and save money with the free Facebook Fundraising integration that enables your supporters to recruit donors via both GiveSignup and Facebook - and automatically syncs the data and reporting between the two.

Donations & Fundraising for In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Whether it's a local, in-person 5k or a national virtual race, your event is about more than just the running or walking: it's about raising money for your cause. Review the donation and fundraising tools and options to help you raise more money through your events.

Giving Tuesday (and Anytime) Donation Campaigns

The time to start preparing for Giving Tuesday is now. Learn how to setup and execute a successful online fundraising campaign with free websites, flexible donation forms, and fundraising campaigns integrated with Facebook Fundraising.

Nonprofit Challenge Events

Challenge events aren't all races across a state. Explore ways to use the Challenge Platform to engage your supporters virtually in events like a reading challenge or a battle for the most volunteer hours, so that you can raise money now and have an extended engagement with your supporters.

GiveSignup Ticket Events for Nonprofits

GiveSignup's Ticket platform for nonprofits gives you the technology to sell tickets for any kind of event and raise more with integrated one-time and recurring donations, whether that's a Golf Tournament or a Zoom Talent Show.  Setup is simple, but you control the branding and messaging - including a free, customizable website for every event.

RaceDay Sessions

How Timers Can Use the RaceDay Suite for Virtual Events

Today's virtual events range from purely virtual race anywhere without timing equipment events to a hybrid of traditional and virtual with flexible start time events. This session will cover the ways timers can take advantage of the RaceDay Suite of tools for the full spectrum of virtual events. From no touch pre-race tools like registration, check-in, and dynamic bib assignments to an interactive real-time race day experience with virtual user submitted results, scored results with flexible start times, RaceJoy's mobile race day experience, and more. Timers will be empowered with the knowledge of technology crucial during this time and the ability to differentiate their services for virtual events. 

Virtual and Flexible Start Results for Timers

How do you produce results for a race anywhere virtual event? How do you time an event with a defined course, but a start line that's open for 4 hours? Take a dive into the new world of gathering performance data, scoring, and delivering results for virtual and hybrid events. This session will provide timer product training on RunSignup's Virtual Results bot for user submitted results and flexible start times using RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director. 

Timers: Understanding RunSignup's Benefits to Win Business

More than 80% of timers offer services beyond timing on race day, and timers are considered as the technology experts in our industry. Take this opportunity to learn about the benefits races receive when using RunSignup - from the comprehensive race technology to RunSignup's partner program and education on best practices.  By becoming knowledgable in the reasons why more and more races are switching to RunSignup and the robust technology tools available - you will be in a position of leadership and can confidently communicate the benefits of RunSignup while guiding your race directors towards the specific tools that will propel their success.

RaceJoy Rocks Virtual 5K

RaceJoy Rocks Virtual 5K Setup

Join us for this brief setup session where we will cover how to get your phone setup and answer any questions you might have prior to the demo race. This is a good refresher for RaceJoy anywhere from a participant's perspective.

RaceJoy Rocks Virtual 5K Debrief

Meet back up to review how the virtual race went, including a demonstration of the monitoring system showing the blue dots around the country of those who used RaceJoy, real-time progress board, cheer behavior, and official virtual results complete with bragging rights for our top finishers. This is a great session for anyone wanting to understand RaceJoy more fully.