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Quick Hits: Key Overlooked and Under-Utilized Features

A perennial favorite, this is a rapid-fire presentation running through key features and settings that even our most advanced users often overlook. This version will include important settings for virtual events and is relevant to users of all experience levels. And yes, it's fast.


Races Are Happening: A Panel on Successful Virtual Races, Challenges, and Modified In-Person Events

This panel discussion looks at the dimensions of race success in a coronavirus race season. Race organizers join to talk about all the ways they've re-imagined their race and their business - from modifying in-person races to meet regulations to converting to virtual to pivoting to a new Challenge concept. This session is for anyone looking for some inspiration to move forward!

More Details about the events referenced by the panelists...

Todd Henderlong

T&H Timing

Write-up on T&H's first in-person test race

Recorded Panel Discussion from Virtual Symposium (in June) with Todd and other timers organizing modified in-person events.

More links for learning about modifying in-person races...

Restrictions vary widely by location and event type, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will allow you to host your in-person event. But if you're working on a plan, take a look at a few more organizations that have hosted in-person events:

Video Case Study: Vacation Races Hosts Bryce Canyon Ultras and Zion at Night

The Burning River 100M/50M took place August 22nd. Check out some of their participant guides to see what safety steps they took.

The Pikes Peak Marathon was held August 22 with 800 runners. Read about their safety measures and athlete reactions.

Looking Forward: Suggested Guidelines for Races 

Hybrid Event Setup (Fall Races, Turkey Trots, and Winter Races)

With all the uncertainty, how do you plan for a fall race? We look at contingency planning for your event, evaluating your break-even point, and creating a race that can easily move between in-person and virtual options. This session is for the race organizer who's figuring out the fall and wants a race that's flexible enough to avoid full cancellation.

We had a lot of questions about sponsors and sponsorships for virtual races. If you're still working through ways to demonstrate value to sponsors with virtual races, check out this video.

If you end up transitioning a traditional race to partially or fully virtual and need to verify that you aren't missing a step, these are the best resources:

GoVirtual Hub
Webinar: How We Made the Annual Scott Coffee Run a Virtual Race

Building a Virtual Challenge (From Scratch)

Challenges are longer-term virtual events with the added benefit of offering extended engagment with your participants - and often, reaching new participants. This is another rapid-fire session, covering all the bases on virtual challenges - from the why, to generating ideas, to marketing, to fulfillment. This session is for organizers new to challenges, or anyone who wants an overview of all the steps required for a successful fall challenge.

Resources and Topics Referenced in the Session...

GiveSignup | RunSignup Peer to Peer Fundraising

GiveSignup | RunSignup offers a range of flexible options for Peer to Peer fundraising. We will go over each of them, including charity bibs, virtual challenges, real races, virtual races, and standalone fundraising campaigns, and our free integration with Facebook Fundraising. This is for anyone looking to raise more money for a cause.

There are a few test races that you can poke around to get a better understanding of how fundraising can look on an event site. All of these are on our test server.

Sample Challenge with Fundraising
Sample Virtual Race with Fundraising
Sample Race with Charity Bibs
Sample Fundraising Campaigns (Donation Website)
Sample in-Person Race with Fundraising

GiveSignup Free and Flexible Options for Giving Tuesday

GiveSignup has great tools for raising money this Giving Tuesday.   We'll explore donation websites, donation forms, fundraising campaigns and how to maximize all of them for your Giving Tuesday campaign. This session is for the nonprofit looking for creative ways to raise more this Giving Tuesday - or with any online giving campaign.

GiveSignup | RunSignup Virtual Case Studies

GiveSignup’s challenge and virtual race platforms allow you to create a unique virtual fundraising campaign to raise money for your nonprofit and engage your supporters. We’ll go over best practices and setup, so you can connect your cause to your challenge with GiveSignup’s free websites and integrated fundraising and donations.

Virtual Results and Bibs

Need a how-to for setting up and monitoring your virtual results? This session on Virtual Results and Bib Assignment is geared towards timers who are managing virtual results for their clients (or for their own races). 

RaceDay Scoring Refresher

With in-person races returning - and bringing with them a host of complicated new options for start lines - it's time for timers to return to their roots: scoring. This RaceDay Scoring refresher will get timers back into the software and ready to get back to scoring.

Town Hall with Bob

We said ask him anything. You did!

A few links to the things that were discussed...

New Pricing

The new pricing starts on September 1st. At that point, you'll see the calculator on our Pricing Page change. If you create (or renew) a race before 9/1/20, it will have the legacy pricing (what exists today), regardless of what changes you make to the race after September 1st. If you create (or renew) a race after 9/1/20, you will have the new pricing. As always, there are no charges to you for any of the technology - the price just refers to the processing fees added to transactions.

Pricing Change Details