Early Adopter FAQ

Apply to the Early Adopter Program

What is the Early Adopter Program?

The Early Adopter Program is an opportunity for nonprofits that are already RunSignup customers to use our new nonprofit features before we release to the public in mid-July. 

You can learn more here: https://runsignup.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/early-adopter-program-runsignup-for-nonprofits/

What exactly will I get access to as part of the Early Adopter Program?

When you are accepted to the Early Adopter Program, you will have access to:  

  • Create Nonprofit Ticket Events.
  • Create Donation Websites.
  • Create a Nonprofit Dashboard to share access and view data, reports & analytics across your revenue generating sources.

Are there any costs or fees?  

It’s all free: Fully customizable event websites, donation websites, custom domains, email marketing, promotion, reporting, and analytics. Standard processing fees apply to tickets. Our standard flat 4% fee applies to all donations (yes, that includes credit card processing fees!)  

What are the requirements to join the Early Adopter Program? 

To become part of the Early Adopter Program, you must:  

  • Be a registered 501c3 nonprofit and meet the requirements outlined below.
  • Have a payment account on RunSignup that is tied to your 501c3 entity.
  • Agree to provide feedback during a scheduled 30 minute call and complete an online survey during the last 2 weeks in June at the end of the Early Adopter Program. As part of the Early Adopter Program, your feedback will help guide our development priorities. 
  • Be self-sufficient, excited to try new technology, comfortable with limited support and features, and able to give constructive feedback. We believe in the power of continuous improvement, so we will iterate on existing features and release new features throughout the Early Adopter Program. 

What is RunSignup for Nonprofits?  

RunSignup for Nonprofits is an umbrella term that refers to 3 new features built on RunSignup’s existing platform to meet nonprofit technology needs, along with everything related to donations, fundraising, and charity partners that exists in RunSignup today.  

Nonprofit Ticket Events and Donation Websites are built on RunSignup’s existing architecture. Nonprofit Dashboards are a way to view and share access across all entities, including races, ticketed events, donation websites, etc. 

Is there customer support for the Early Adopter Program?

The Early Adopter Program is best for self-sufficient “mavericks” who consider themselves to be first-movers when it comes to technology.  

Questions, comments, and feedback can be directed to nonprofit@runsignup.com.  

I wasn’t accepted into the Early Adopter Program. Will I still be able to use RunSignup for Nonprofits technology?

Yes. We will open the Early Adopter Program to more users on a rolling basis through June. If you are not selected into the Early Adopter Program, don’t worry and stay tuned - we have an exciting announcement along with the public release of RunSignup for Nonprofits technology in July at the RunSignup Symposium!  

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