RunSignUp Tutorial: Fundraising Tools

With Eric Cone & Natalie Young

About Eric Cone

Eric works from the Richmond, VA office of RunSignUp working with strategic clients and partners. In addition to helping clients and partners with RunSignUp, Eric works with the leadership team to improve the RunSignUp system and business initiatives. Eric has spent the past 10 years working and volunteering in the industry. Prior to RunSignUp, Eric was the founder and CEO at He joined RunSignUp because he wanted to give back to the industry. Eric is impressed by RunSignUp's strong platform and focus on meeting the hard requirements of the endurance industry. Eric loves technology and RunSignUp is the new leader in the endurance industry. For fun, Eric loves to adventure race, bike, run, paddle, and play with his two sons. He also loves to travel the USA looking for new adventures. He got his sense of adventure while growing up in the Florida Keys.


About Natalie Young

Natalie Young resides in San Diego with her husband Ryan. She is a Technical Account Manager, helping customers to set up their races, and gathering customer input to drive future improvements to the RunSignUp system. She genuinely loves learning about and working with each endurance event, and becoming a behind-the-scenes team member for so many unique events.  

Natalie has experience throughout the Endurance Industry, having facilitated over 100 endurance events, including 5K's, 10K's, half marathons, bike rides and mud runs, as well as volunteering for onsite registration and donation processing for charity events.  

Personally, Natalie is most excited about the integration RunSignUp has with RunScore & &ace Director, since she knows how much they can simplify a Timer's life. As a former Event Director, she also loves the valuable insight into participant behavior that can be found with the the custom analytics built directly into the RunSignUp platform.


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