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“[Referrals 2.0] is a game changer! Honestly, my mind is boggled. Those numbers don't just kicked it up a notch.”

 - Beth A, Night Nation Run

Referrals are responsible for 8-10% of registrations for races with referral programs turned on.

An overview of RunSignUp Tools for Promoting Your Event

  Referral Program
  • Automated refund rewards for referrers
  • Time-limited coupons to for referrers to attract their friends
  • Enhanced social sharing capabilities including Facebook friends tagging
  • Integrated email marketing
Social Media Integration
  • Sign Up App allows runners to register directly within Facebook
  • Social Sharing pop-up with custom look options and tagging capabilities
Mobile Optimization
  • RunSignUp website,
Groups & Teams
  • Social and competitive options
  • Automated refunds based on team size
ROI Tracking
  • Integrated Google Analytics Data
  • Conversion tracking for Facebook, AdRoll, Adwords, Pinterest, and more
  • Individual and bulk coupon uploading
  • Custom parameters
  • Reporting to measure ROI on coupons