RunSignUp Tutorial: RaceDay Apps

With Matt Avery & Megan Cary

About Matt Avery  

Matt grew up in Rochester, NY and now resides in Philadelphia, PA to work out of the RunSignUp headquarters. He ran for Gates Chili High School and The College at Brockport, where he competed in XC and Track & Field. He holds the College of Brockport record for the 8K XC and placed 85th at the 2010 NCAA D3 XC National Championships. XC and trail running are his first loves, and in is retirement from running he has embraced the world of cyclocross.  

Matt joins RunSignUp with a major in Computer Science - Software Development, and worked previously as the lead timer at YellowJacket Racing. At RunSignUp, he uses his timing and technical experience to support customers using RunSignUp, The Race Director, and RaceJoy. He helps produce training materials, design next generation solutions, and provide higher quality technical support for race day features.  

Outside of running and RunSignUp, Matt plays, records, and produces music.


About Megan Cary

Megan is a Customer Support Representative, helping customers with RunSignUp, The Race Director, and RaceJoy. Additionally, she is responsible for building internal and external training programs and content for timers and race directors. She brings significant endurance and sports management experience to RunSignUp, joining RunSignUp after years of working as the Event Timing Director for a large timing and Event Management Company in Texas. She has timed hundreds of running, cycling, and triathlon races... and even a bed race! With her experience in timing, Megan appreciates how much RunSignUp and The Race Director have improved the services being offered to events, and how much extra value can be offered to customers now (beyond just good timing). A true Texan, Megan lives in Austin and in her free time can be found strolling the boardwalk of Lady Bird Lake in her active wear, searching for the best breakfast taco in town.


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