Driving Registrations with Referrals and Social Media Marketing  

With Erik Young

About Erik Young

Sour Fish Events

Erik co-founded Sour Fish Events (formerly Riff Raff Productions) with his wife Courtney in 2012, focusing primarily on 5K trail runs. Sour Fish has a small team of 5 that plan and execute each event they host – including the Hard Cider Run, The Great Pumpkin Run, and The Cheddar Challenge – on farms and in towns across the country. 

At the Symposium, Erik shared how Sour Fish Events uses referrals and social media marketing strategies to increase registrations.


More Resources for RunSignUp's Referral System

The Referral System is built into your RunSignUp race, and includes automated actions to help you incentivize and reward participants who market your event for you.

Automated Refund Rewards for Referrers

  • Flexibility to set your own rules: for example, set a $2 refund for each participant referred, or set a threshold of 5 registrations for a refer to receive $20
  • Automatically refunded, free of any processing fee

Social Sharing with Facebook Friend Tagging 

  • Pop-up at checkout to encourage sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and by email
  • Strong Call to Action for the referrer to share via reminder about the poential for Referral Refund Rewards
  • Friend Tagging on Facebook to target the share specifically to people who may be interested in joining

Automated Coupons

  • Give registrants a unique coupon code for them to share with their friends and family to encourage them to register
  • Set coupon expirations to encourage fast action
  • All coupons are automatically created during registration and set up as sub-coupons so you can track the ROI of all referral coupons together 

Email Marketing

  • Encourage referrals with customized emails to participants including their personal referral code for them to share
  • Setup a time-limited coupon for each email track ROI effctiveness of the blast

Referral System How-To's 

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