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Our industry is about social experiences. RunSignup gives you the free tools that you need to effectively market to your audience, as well as free viral social marketing tools to incentivize your audience to bring their friends and family to your race. 

Top 10 Promotion Tools on RunSignup

Check out our customers' top 10 favorite RunSignup tools to grow events, optimize marketing spend, and save time.

1. Free Race Websites

Customizable, mobile-ready, and SEO-optimized race websites make registration look professional. Add images, colors, and custom content pages that align with your brand. Create a beautiful cover page that acts as a landing page for your site, and add an email capture pop-up to grow your email lists. Replace your RunSignup domain with a custom domain to make your site yours.

Race Website Info Hub

2. Automated Emails

Use RunSignup's free email marketing platform to reach out to last year's runners when registration opens. Schedule automated emails to send ahead of price increases and abandoned carts. Set up your drip campaigns in minutes to segmented participant lists and let them run on autopilot with RunSignup's automated registration follow up emails. 

3. RaceInsights

Google Analytics is powerful, but it is complicated and not built specifically for races. RaceInsights has all the power of Google Analytics, and provides insights unique to races to maximize your events’ value while optimizing marketing spend.

4. Source Tracking

Easily create unique source tracking links to measure the ROI of your paid and unpaid campaigns, posts, and ads. Build a complete picture of your marketing performance with RaceInsights, and create participant lists from registration source.

5. Facebook and Google Custom Audience Exports

Create targeted lists across all your participants, donors, and fundraisers from the free RunSignup CRM. Export pre-formatted Facebook and Google custom audience reports to effectively spend money on likely conversions.

6. Facebook Pixels and Conversion Codes

Easy Facebook Pixel and conversion code set up (i.e. Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc.) lets you track the right measurements (i.e. Facebook clicks that convert to registrations) and optimize your ad spend.

7. Customer Service

Good customer service means happy customers who are more likely to come back next year and recommend your event to friends and family. RunSignUp has an easy participant search menu, which allows race directors to immediately find and manage any participant’s registration. RunSignup's all-in-one platform built on an integrated CRM speeds up customer service requests and provides the intelligence to deliver the appropriate response.

8. Cross Promote Races with Bundles

RunSignUp’s Multi-Race Registration solution lets you offer participants specially priced bundles of races. One of the most effective ways to use Multi-Race Bundles to optimize registrations and transactions across your races is the classic upsell: “If you sign up for the Race A, you can also register for Race B and receive a 10% discount on both races.” 

9. Referral Rewards

Incentivize your participants to refer their friends and family by rewarding them with refunds, swag, and recognition. Why does the Referral Program work so well? Because there is no better advocate for your race than your participants.  

Once you determine the parameters for your Referral Rewards, all of the refunds and swag selection are fully automated. Refunds are automatically reimbursed to the participant’s credit card upon hitting the refund threshold, free of any processing fee. When participants hit a Swag Reward threshold, they receive an automated confirmation email that their reward has been earned and a prompt to select their size/option if applicable.

10. All-In-One Platform

The true power of RunSignup's marketing and promotion tools is our all-in-one platform because your promotion, registration, fundraising, and RaceDay data exists in a single platform to inform your marketing strategies so that you can grow your events, optimize ad spend, and save time.

Promote your race with our free digital marketing tools like automated emails and formatted Facebook custom audience reports. Then go viral: RunSignup has the free and automated viral social marketing tools to reward your key influencers so that you can grow your race, save time, and optimize your marketing spend for the best returns. RaceInsights and custom source tracking give you the business intelligence and analytics to maximize your event's value while optimizing marketing spend.

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