Industry Presentation: Supercharging your Sponsor Program 

With Peter Abraham

About Peter Abraham

Abraham Content Marketing Studio

Peter Abraham got his start producing thousands of commercials for brands such as Toyota, Ford, Honda and Target. In addition, he produced a number of action sports films that helped popularize sports like snowboarding, motocross, and skateboarding. In 2002, he financed and produced the acclaimed documentary, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco.”  

He then created the Santa Monica Classic 5K/10K and subsequently became the head of marketing & creative director at the LA Marathon. He was part of a team that rescued the event from near bankruptcy and rebuilt it into the 3rd largest marathon in the US in just two years.  

Peter now works with purpose-driven brands & &vents to engage consumers directly with compelling experiences.  

At the Symposium, Peter’s talk focuse on supercharging your sponsorship program via a simple process he uses with many running events.  


More Resources for RunSignUp's Sponsor Platform

The Sponsor Platform is free to all RunSignUp Customers, and can be found on your Race Dashboard. The platform helps manage the logisitics of sponsors, while increasing opportunities for visibility and activation of sponsors. The platform includes:

Sponsor Management Tools to track sponsor statuses, payments, and communications year to year.

  • Customizable Sponsor Levels, with options to cap the numbers at each level 
  • Editable Sponsor information for the RunSignUp race website with HTML editing capability 
  • Sponsor invitations allowing sponsors to edit and manage the look and text of their sponsor space on the RunSignUp race website 
  • Easy Renewals from year to year 
  • Sponsor reports to see sponsor level, contact info, commitment, payment status, and visibility on the website at a single glance 
  • Invoicing and payment tracking for each sponsor

Sponsor Visibility and Activation tools help a race to increase the value of a sponsorship through more views and engagement, and provide the reporting to demonstrate that value to their sponsors. 

  • Broad dissemination options, with opportunities for sponsors to be seen on the race website, in confirmation &&marketing emails, in pre-race Sponsor Offers email, as photo watermark, in TXT results notifications, on RaceJoy banners, and with RaceJoy Progress alerts. 
  • Sponsor Analytics: a running total of the number of views each sponsor logo has gotten via all the channels it is displayed on. 
  • Sponsor Offers, the latest release designed to drive engagement between participants and sponsors. Sponsor Offers allow a sponsor to provide runners with a specific discount or deal and prompts runners to view the deal with a clear call to action right on the race website. 
  • Automated Sponsor Offer Emails allow the race director to send an automated pre-race email that includes all the available Sponsor Offers (and other sponsors), providing value to both sponsors and runners and increasing the likelihood of a sponsor turning a participant into a customer.

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