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Business Management

Welcome: The Next Ten Years

Bob Bickel - RunSignup Allison Bickel - GiveSignup

Business Management

Quick Hits: Most Overlooked Features

Navigating the Race CRM

Bryan Jenkins - RunSignup

Eric Cone - RunSignup Lewis Jones - RunSignup

Learn more about the RunSignup dashboard, registration/reports, race websites, marketing, fundraising, and RaceDay.

Learn what the RunSignup CRM has to offer and why you should be using CRM to enhance your race.

Watch the Full-Sized Video Here

UX Review

Timer Business

Jeff Kiesel - RunSignup Darren Wamboldt - RunSignup

Matt McMorris - Green Leaf Racing Scott Sutter - Race Insure 

Get a recap on the rebranding that RunSignup went through in 2018, as well as new features released this year.

Hear from three industry professionals on topics such as race insurance, accounting, and sales tax.

Race Director Business

Michelle Bettis - 3W Races Scott Sutter - RaceInsure 

Hear from two industry professionals on what you can do to enhance your race.


Viral Social Marketing

Digital Marketing for Races

Eric Cone - RunSignup Natallie Young - RunSignup

Thomas Neuberger - Big Run Media Rachael Blanchard - Big Run Media

Learn how to get your followers sharing your event. Note: Sound quality is low. You can view our webinar for better sound. 

The staff of Big Run Media will walk you through branding your race, advertising digitally on social media, and more.

Marketing Panel

Designing a Professional Race Website

Big Run Media, Sour Fish Events, Cranberry Joe

Matt Sinclair - RunSignup

Join us as some of our customers and industry professionals answer your race marketing questions.

Looking to align your website with your brand? Learn about custom content pages, domain support, cover pages, and more.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Creating a Community of Supporters

Melissa Mitchell - RunSignup Jordan Desilets - RunSignup 

Nic DeCaire - Fusion Racing

Learn how to use RunSignup's free email marketing platform to communicate with all of your participants.

Nic DeCaire of Fusion Racing will teach you how to organize your race to make participants happy and return next year.


GiveSignup Demo

Fundraising Panel

Bryan Jenkins - RunSignup Allison Bickel - RunSignup

ACL Squared, 9/11 Museum & Memorial, AACR, and MDA

Walk through the new features of GiveSignup, such as ticket events, donation websites, and the nonprofit dashboard.

Hear from some RunSignup customers as they discuss their events and answer your fundraising questions.


Going Green with Brandon Hough

RaceDay Registration and CheckIn

Brandon Hough - Advanced Running Project

Crisp McDonald - RunSignup Matt Avery - RunSignup

Brandon Hough from Advanced Running Project joins us to talk about steps you can take to make races environmentally friendly.

Learn how to speed up RaceDay Registration with fast CheckIn, how to use the CheckIn app, and other RaceDay strategies.

Bib Management

The RaceDay Experience

Crisp McDonald - RunSignup Matt Avery - RunSignup

Shelly Harris, James Harris, Matt Avery, and Crisp McDonald - RunSignup

Join two members of our RaceDay team to hear about the types of bib assignments and which is best for your race.

Hear from our RaceDay team to learn about how the RunSignup RaceDay suite can simplify race day processes.

Registration and Participant Management

RunSignup 101: The Basics

The Right Team Option for Your Event

Brian Flynn - RunSignup Jordan Desilets - RunSignup

Sean Callahan - RunSignup Emily Warejko - RunSignup

Enjoy this step by step tutorial of creating a race through our Race Wizard.

Run through the team options that RunSignup offers for your event and learn how to implement them in your races.

Cross-Promotion with Multi-Race Bundles

Strategic Participant Management

Eric Cone - RunSignup 

Herman Kinard - RunSignup 

Hear about the benefits of multi-race bundles and how to create your own in minutes.

Learn how to make your participant's experience simple with features such as bib exchange and event transfers.

Closing and Q&A 

Bob Bickel - RunSignup  

Advanced Timer Sessions

Timer Day: Keynote Speaker

RaceDay Products: Thinking Strategically

Bob Bickel - RunSignup Marc Roy - SportStats 

Bryan Jenkins - Runsignup Crisp McDonald- RunSignup  

Bob gives your a rundown of the current timer market and names Marc Roy Timer of the Year.

Hear from Crisp and Bryan about how you can use the RaceDay suite to enhance your timing business.

Watch the Full-Sized Video Here

Certified Timer Business Panel

RaceJoy Refresher: Map Building

Raul Najera, David Flaugher, and Jenna Ginsberg

Kevin Lai - RunSignup

Three RaceDay certfied timers talk about their experience with the RaceDay suite of products and answer your questions.

Freshen up your RaceDay skills with this step by step tutorial on RaceJoy.

RaceDay Products for Relays and Ultras

RaceDay Products for Triathlons

Crisp McDonald - RunSignup James Harris - RunSignup 

Crisp McDonald - RunSignup James Harris - RunSignup 

Learn how to manage bibs, CheckIn, and course mapping for relay and ultras.

Hear from our RaceDay team on how to use RaceDay products for your triathlons.

RaceDay CheckIn App

RaceDay Scoring Refresher and Update

Crisp McDonald - RunSignup Ryan Snell - RunSignup 

Matt Avery - RunSignup

Take a dive into the RaceDay CheckIn app and learn how it simplifies the checkin process.

Matt Avery runs you through the updates that have come to RaceDay Scoring and some refreshers.

The Race Director: Update

RaceDay Photos

Roger Bradshaw - RunSignup

Val Lofton - RunSignup

Take a look at the Race Director application with Race Director creator, Roger Bradshaw.

Learn about the benefits of RaceDay Photos and how you can best use it for your race photos.

Wave Events: Mud Runs, Etc.

Timer Day: Open Q&A and Closing

Matt Avery - RunSignup

Crisp McDonald - RunSignup Matt Avery - RunSignup 

Learn about how to use producs in our RaceDay suite during complex wave events, such as mud runs.

Matt and Crisp close out Timer Day and answer all of your burning timing questions.