2020 Winter Syposium Kickoff and Overview of 2019 RaceTrends Report

A review of 2019, expectation setting for 2020, and a review of the 2020 RaceTrends Report

Quick Hits

RunSignup's Most Overlooked, Under-Utilized, and Useful Features

Lessons From E-Commerce

Taking lessons from e-commerce to build better marketing strategies for your race

Timer Business Session

Using tools to create a better timing business

RaceDay Technology Suite

An overview of the various tools in our RaceDay Technology Suite

Getting Winning Partnerships Across the Finish Line

Build and cultivate relationships that lead to sponsorship

Partner Toolbox

Take advantage of our Partner Tools 

All-In-One Charity Bib Platform

Create a charity bib program to raise more

RaceDay Registration and CheckIn

A smoother RaceDay with RaceDay Registration and the CheckIn App

Race Websites

Customize your website, add a cover page, and setup your domain for a professional site

Business Session for Efficiency

For Race Directors and Nonprofits

RaceDay Runner Tracking Options

RaceJoy, chip tracking, notifications, and more

Facebook Fundraiser Integration

Raise more money by integrating your RunSignup fundraising with Facebook Fundraising

Virtual Race Events

Add a virtual race event to your existing race, or create one from scratch

Email Marketing

Manage your email lists, create templates, and track the results of your campaigns

Volunteer Platform

Define your volunteer needs and collect volunteer registrations

RaceInsights Analytics

Understand and take action with the graphs and information on your race dashboard

Pricing Best Practices

Best practices for setting your pricing and deciding what types of discounts to include

Corporate Team Events

Add a corporate team option to your existing race, or create a standalone corporate event