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The Long Run Back

A kickoff with Bob, Allison, and Johanna. Bob shares our expectations for the coming months and the technology roadmap for RunSignup, Allison covers the upcoming GiveSignup features, and Johanna reviews the 2020 RaceTrends Report.


Virtual Event Seminar

Successful virtual races require more than just a t-shirt and a run on your own. Get a roundup of all the tools that can transform your virtual event into an interactive experience

We had a lot of questions about sponsors and sponsorships for virtual races. If you're still working through ways to demonstrate value to sponsors with virtual races, check out this video.

Virtual Challenge Seminar

Virtual challenges take virtual to a new level, providing endless options for long-term engagement with your supporters. Learn how to keep everyone motivated and rewarded - the only limit is your creativity

Modified In-Person Events Seminar

Even the most established, experienced event organizers are re-learning their trade when it comes to events under COVID restrictions. Review best practices for a safe race day, and the technology you can use to manage the new event style

Hybrid Event Seminar

Take all the lessons from the first three sessions and put them together into a Hybrid Event - the most flexible, dynamic option for 2021. It’s the year of Hybrid - make sure you’re prepared!

Races Are Happening: A Panel on Successful Virtual Races, Challenges, and Modified In-Person Events

This panel discussion looks at the dimensions of race success in a coronavirus race season. Race organizers join to talk about all the ways they've re-imagined their race and their business - from modifying in-person races to meet regulations to converting to virtual to pivoting to a new Challenge concept. This session is for anyone looking for some inspiration to move forward!

More Details about the events referenced by the panelists...

Denise Piercy

Running Zone produces many races throughout the year (both for clients and owned events). The largest recent one discussed was Space Coast Marathon.

Ken Racine

Racine MultiSports times and produces both owned races and races for clients, including duathlon and triathlon events. Largest recent in-person event was the JFK 50-Miler.

Ryan Hite

Negative Split times over 100 races in a normal year, and produces both owned events and ones for clients. Races discussed include Windermere Marathon and Coeur d'Alene Marathon.

More links for learning about modifying in-person races...

Restrictions vary widely by location and event type, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will allow you to host your in-person event. But if you're working on a plan, take a look at a few more organizations that have hosted in-person events:

Video Case Study: Vacation Races Hosts Bryce Canyon Ultras and Zion at Night

Examples of Participant Guides for COVID Safety:

Looking Forward: Suggested Guidelines for Safe Races 

Town Hall with Bob

We said ask him anything. You did!

Referral and Swag Rewards

Best practices for the most effective race promotion tool.

Website Essentials

Customize your theme, add custom content, manage the pages on your race website, and bring a custom domain.

Website Cover Pages

Add style and substance with a custom cover page that both excites and informs.

Email Marketing

Communication is key - never moreso than with hybrid races. Catch up on the integrated email marketing platform.

Virtual Results

Setup your virtual results and allow your participants to self-report their race finishes and times.

  • Virtual Challenge Results setup part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Advanced Participation Management

Strategies for managing complicated participant management issues from 2020, including deferrals, coupon codes, and more. This session is appropriate for experienced RunSignup users, and a basic understanding of the participant management tools is expected.

Corrals and Start Line

Organize your race day for a socially distant start using corrals for start waves.

Photo Platform 2.0

Bring participants together with a shared photo platform that allows to virtual and in-person participants to “meet”.

CheckIn App

Manage a safe packet pickup with the RaceDay check-in app.

RaceJoy Overview

Get acquainted with RaceJoy runner tracking and how it can enhance the virtual and in-person race experience.

Sponsor Value in RaceJoy

Use RaceJoy to add value for your sponsors through ads and audio experiences.

Multi-Race Bundles

Cross-sell your events by offering multi-race bundles that allow for multiple registrations in a transaction.

Fundraising in Your Race

Add fundraising and donation options to your race and engage your biggest supporters.

Setting Up a Ticket Event

The basics for getting your fundraising event online and selling tickets.

Shipping Management

Set shipping parameters to ensure safe delivery and eliminate expensive surprises - and work with fulfillment partners.

Setting up a Donation Form

Upgrade from Paypal with a branded dona- tion form and flexible recurring frequencies.

Payment Account Reporting

Take a deep dive into your financials with new reports from your payment account.