RunSignUp 301: RunSignUp Photo Platform

Date: Wednesday, September 28th

Time: 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)

The new, free RaceDay Photo Platform makes photos affordable for races of all sizes. Learn more about the Photo Platform with RunSignUp Founder Bob Bickel.

Topics include:

- Upload any number of photos, from any number of locations

- Learn how Google Vision automatically tags runner bibs

- Learn how to match finish line photos with RaceDay Results

- Learn how Race Logos and Sponsor Logos can be watermarked onto all of your photos

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This webinar is a part of our new series of Endurance Event Education Webinars. If you cannot attend, we'll send out a few highlights and keep you informed of upcoming opportunities to increase your knowledge! 

“I wanted to say to the entire RSU team 'thank you' for the offline check in app! We have used it at our past 3 races with tremendous success. Our events are held on farms and orchards with little to zero wifi or cell access. Being able to go offline and check in makes our morning 10x easier!”

 -Erik Y, Riff Raff Productions