RaceDay Tools Introduction, February 1

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RaceDay CheckIn & Volunteer CheckIn: March 1

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RaceDay Scoring for Lap Events

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Timer Dashboard Feature Overview

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New Timer Industry Introduction (Part Two)

New Timer Industry Introduction (Part One)

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RFID & RaceDay Scoring

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RaceDay Scoring V3.0 Teams Overview

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RaceJoy for Relays and Ultras: Advanced Timer Training

RaceDay CheckIn App - New and Improved!

Timer Tip Tuesday: RaceDay Scoring Segment Setup

Timer Tip Tuesday: ChronoTrack and RaceDay Scoring

RunSignup 101: The Basics: March 10, 12pm ET

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MYLAPS & Publishing RaceDay Results

MYLAPS & RaceDay Scoring Integration

Timer Survey Finding Debrief

Timer Fall Series: RaceJoy Monitoring System

Timer Fall Series: The New Start Line

Timer Fall Series: The New Race Course

Timer Fall Series: The New Finish Line

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RunSignup 101: The Basics
September 2, 2020

Timer Tip Tuesday: Virtual Results Update and How-To

Timer Tip Tuesday: Virtual Event Tools Basics

Virtual Results & Result Sets How-To

Virtual Challenge Platform

Keep Challenge Participants Motivated with Milestones and Badges

Creating A Challenge from Scratch - Concept and Brand

Create a Challenge from Scratch - Marketing 101

Making the Decision to Go Virtual

NEW! RaceJoy Anywhere for Virtual Events

Virtual Events: RaceJoy Live Tracking & Cheer Sending

RaceDay Results: Virtual Results

Enhanced Virtual Events Results: Update 1

Dashboard Updates for Virtual Races (4/17)

Covid-19 Resources: Nonprofit Resources

Virtual Challenge Events for Nonprofits

Virtual Events with Donations and Fundraising (4/24)

Donation Websites & Forms for 501(c)3

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Covid-19 Resources: Looking Ahead

How Vacation Races Held the Bryce Canyon Ultras and Zion at Night

Make Money, Save Money

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Timer Business Strategies During Covid-19

Timer RaceDay Suite for Virtual Events (6/2)

Certified Timers: RaceJoy Anywhere Training

Corral Times for Virtual Events (4/30)

Covid-19 Resources: Additional Resources

Breaking Down Payment Account and Financial Summary Reports (4/15)

Coronavirus Tools and Planning

Coronavirus Updates with Bob

Understanding Small Business Relief Programs

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Lessons from the 2019 RaceTrends Report

RunSignup 101: An Overview

RunSignup 101: Build a Better Race Website

RaceJoy 101: An Overview

Sales Tax and Your Race

Sales Tax is Coming! (October Update)

Partnering with Your Timer for Success, March 5

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Raise More and Save Time: Setup Your Fundraising Run/Walk/Ride and Grow Donations

RunSignup's All-in-One Charity Bib Fundraising Platform

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"I'm constantly learning of the various dashboard applications, on the pre and post event side of things. It absolutely makes my job as an event director easier, especially in those moments prior to a race where time is of the essence. Most of all, I want to thank you all for the dedicated support, user friendly applications, and integration with timing systems."

- Jonathan K, CompetitorME

“As a first time Race Director, customer service with this site ROCKS! I even got someone on the phone promptly to answer my questions. You can certainly use the above for any kind of testimonial. I know that you probably don’t want to do phone trouble shooting, but for someone like me, it really helped A LOT! FIVE stars for Run Sign Up!”

- Sandy M